Why is Sunoo Enhypen called him “kim Dongsan”?

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Today i will be tell you about Enhypen Sunoo some profile, fact, career and other thing’s discuss this blog. Sunoo is a k-pop idol from boy group Enhypen. He debuted in reality show I-Land on November 30, 2020. Sunoo always big dream for a become K-Pop idol. Sunno is from Suwon city, Gyeonggi, South korea. Sunoo has been selected on selection round with 935,771 point, but HYBE Lable producer’s are choice him because of his dedication and uplifting potential capability. Then Sunoo join Enhypen as a seventh member and debut on November 2020. Enhypen Sunoo his fandom called is “Sunshines”.Sunoo Enhypen” have a older sister. His real name is Kim Sunoo. He is a Christian idol.

Why Sunoo Enhypen called him kim Donsong?

Firstly, Meaning of Donsong is Sibling’s or other hand younger sister or younger brother. kim sunoo have a little younger sister. Sunoo called him Dongsaeng because his and his little sister relationship relationship indicates. kim means his title that’s why he called him Kim Dongsaeng. Sunoo sister born on 2000. Sunoo enhypen sister name not revealed yet.


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Sunoo full profile details:-

*Stage Name Sunoo

*Real NameKim Seon-Woo

*Nationality-South Korea

*Date of Birth-24 JUNE 2003

*School Name-Chilbo High School, Hanlim Arts School

*Hobbies-Taking Selfies, Singing, Playing online games and video games, Watching movies, dancing.

*Zodiac Sign-Cancer


*Weight-143.3 lbs. (65kg)

*Blood type- O


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Unknown fun facts about Sunoo

  1. Sunoo received many love letter from his classmates at school before.
  2. Sunoo nickname includes 3rd semester class 5 handsome oppa from his classmate.
  3. Sunoo special skills is aegyo.
  4. Sunoo is good at making expressions on and off stage.
  5. He takes at least 50 selfie a day.
  6. Sunoo voice acts lower briefly in the morning night after he wake up.
  7. Sunoo training period is 10 month under Hybe lable.
  8. If sunoo will give himself a nickname it would be “Attractive idol”.
  9. in middle school,he was the class president and a student council member.
  10. Sunoo special charm is that he look cold,but he’s actual cute.
  11. Sunoo always brightness up the mood of the team.
  12. Sunoo soul food is “tteokbokki”.
  13. Sunoo life motto on elementary school was ” let’s work hard every single day”.
  14. Sunoo said that when he first met Sunghoon,he wanted to get closer to Sunghoon because of Sunghoon was so handsome.
  15. Sunoo is a naturae lover.
  16. Sunoo likes Disney movies.
  17. He likes scented candles.
  18. His charm point is his skin and eye smile.
  19. He is a food lover.he likes spicy food.
  20. His nickname – Ddeonu, Desert fox.

Most biased Enhypen member’s as per fans vote


Ranking Enhypen member in different category(my opinion/fan vote)


Enhypen debut selection points ranking (vote) official:-

source: Hybe Lable

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1.What is Enhypen fandom called?

Enhypen official fandom name has been ENGENE. There’s nice meaning behind it where fans can be the engine to drive Enhypen to greater heights. While they also share a “Gene” to develop together nice to meet you “ENGENE”. Their fandom Colour is Orange.

2.Who is the most biased member in Enhypen?

According to netizens Niki is the most biased member in Enhypen because of his dance skills and her visual in stage performance. also big amounts of support from his home country China, Japan.

3.How old is Sunoo from Enhypen?

Sunoo born in South Korean. He is 19 year old and his birth date is 24 June 2003. His full name is Kim Seon-woo and his nick name is Ddeonu, Desert fox.

4. Who are the Enhypen?

Enhypen are Korean boy band under Hybe lable seven boy group. Enhypen seven members name is Niki, Jay, Jake, Sunoo, Heeseung, Sungwon, Sunghoon. Enhypen leader is Sungwon. Enhypen debuted date is 30 November 2020 with their mini album “Border: Day one”. Enhypen songs are – fever, shoutout, let me in, Polaroid lane, drunk dazed, future perfect etc.

5.Where is Sunoo now?

In according to his doctors advice sunoo will be taking a temporary break for his illness. August 17, 2022 he had experienced dizziness with a headache and chills. Following the advice by the doctor sunoo will be take some rest and focus on his health for recovery for the time being.

6. What is the meaning of Dongsaeng in korea?

Dongsaeng meaning is siblings.it is also means that younger brother or younger sister and is gender neutral.

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