“what is your unpopular opinion about sunghoon”?

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Today we are talk about Enhypen one of the member Sunghoon. Sunghoon is a k-pop idol. He trained under Big Hit Entertainment. Sunghoon birth in south korea. He was a figure skater who participated in a number of competitions before becoming a trainee. In two different years, Sunghoon won silver at the Asian Figure Skating Trophy. In 2018, he competed in the Korea Figure Skating Championship.

“what is your unpopular opinion about sunghoon”? 

1.Due to his beauty, he attracts attention before any other member. Although his facial expressions could use some work, he is still enthralling. He is the most attractive member and will one day become the most well-known in Korea. I see him developing into a Kdramer and a well-known event host. He won’t become renowned for his idol skills, and I don’t see him as a soloist.

2.I have prefer  Sunghoon dark hair better than blondi hair. Despite the fact that he still looks good with blonde, his dark hair complements him more.

3. Sunghoon doesn’t really give out the aura or visuals of an idol or performer. He seems more like an actor.

4. Hybe lable favourite member sunghoon with heeseung and Jungwon this not a unpopular thing but I believe still thing its unpopular.

5. His persona comes across as labored. He is now more forthcoming, which is positive, but his personality during his debut period seemed so labored.

6. Sunghoon is a very good dancer just like niki. I am also prefere that he is very capabal for his group main dancer.

7. He  to be responsiblity more as a singer than as a rapper. Sunghoon doesn’t really have a good flow or a good rap style. however, he has a distinctive voice colour that might help him stand out, and I think he could get better with more practise.


Sunghoon full Profile details

Stage Name:– Sunghoon

Birth Name:– Park Sung-hoon

Position:– Vocalist*, Dancer*, Visual*

Birthday:- December 8, 2002(21yr old)

Zodiac Sign:- Sagittarius

Chinese Zodiac Sign:-Horse

Height:-181 cm (5’11”)

Weight:– 71kg

Blood Type:– O


Birth place:-Eunpyeong-gu, Seoul, South Korea

Group debut:-November 30, 2020 (ENHYPEN)

Nationality:- Korean

Solo Fandom Name:- Penguins

Family:-Park Ye-ji(younger sister) dad&mom (name not disclose yet)

Academic background:- Pangok High School

Nicknames:– ice prince, ice boy, penguin, figure skating prince

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Sunghoon unknown fact-   

1.He is a South Korean native of Namyangju, Gyeonggi-do.

2.His parents, younger sister, and dog make up his family.

3.Gaeul is Sunghoon’s family dog.

4.Education: Pangok High School.

5.Because he competed in figure skating for ten years, he earned the title “Ice Prince.”

6.Sunghoon has won numerous figure skating competitions, including the junior silver medal at the Asian Figure Skating Trophy in 2016 and 2017 and the novice gold medal at the Lombardia Trophy in 2015.

7.Former Big Hit Entertainment trainee Sunghoon is now trained by BELIFT LAB.

8.Before participating in I-LAND, he worked out for two years and one month.

9. In the competition of I-LAND final, he came in sixth place (1,088,413 votes).

10. He currently shares a room with NI-KI, Sunoo, and Jungwon.

11. He and Jay collaborated on NCT U’s The 7th Sense performance for the pilot of I-LAND.

12. When Sunghoon is feeling happy, he enjoys listening to hip-hop.

13. Samgyeopsal would be his one and only food choice for the rest of his life (a three-layer meat dish).

14. He enjoys eating beef cutlet and sushi.

15. When he was young, he experienced a severe case of amblyopia (lazy eye).

16. Alongside IVE’s Wonyoung, he served as an MC on Music Bank, where he had his final broadcast on September 2, 2022.

17. His motto: “Just do it”

18. In terms of ideal celebrity types, he previously stated that Irene from Red Velvet was his choice.

19. White is his favourite colour. Fall is his favourite season.

20. I-LAND members selected Sunghoon and Jungwon as their two favourite members. I-LAND members selected Sunghoon as the ideal candidate for marriage. Sunghoon was referred to as the prince who fears virtual reality!

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Sunghoon Personality-

  1. As a young child, he was extremely shy, so his mother encouraged him to learn to skate. He ultimately finished second among South Korean men skaters. He skated on ice for ten years.
  2. Sunghoon struggles with aegyo.
  3. Sunghoon wanted to show his parents that he had made the right choice when he gave up figure skating to pursue a career as a singer. He applied that outlook to his daily efforts to make his debut.
  4. When he learns that his abilities have improved and that his visuals are clear, he is very happy.
  5. The Little Prince, Ice, and Luxury best describe him.
  6. He has an ISTJ MBTI personality type. His personality traits include introversion, observation, thought, and judgement.

Sunghoon Television shows

2020I-LANDContestantFinished at 6th place
2020M countdownSpecial MCwith Jungwon, Lee Dae-hwi, and Han Hyun-min
2021Show ChampionSpecial MCwith Jungwon Jake, and Heeseung
20212021 KBS Song FestivalBackstage MCWith Arin, Jang Wonyoung and Soobin
2021-2Sept,2022Music BankMCwith Jang Wonyoung


1. why is sunghoon called baekgu?

What makes them known as Jangkku? They came up created with their name with Sunghoon and Wonyoung. Wonyoung’s last name is Jang, and Sunghoon goes by the nickname Baekgu, which translates to “white puppy.” Instead of using gu, they switched to the cuter-sounding kku.

2.how old is sunghoon from enhypen?

Enhypen sunghoon 21years old boy his birth date is December 8, 2002.

3.how tall is sunghoon enhypen?

Sunghoon from boy group Enhypen has been 181 cm (5’11”) taller boy.

4.why did sunghoon leave figure skating?

Returning to a demanding sport like figure skating was challenging enough, but Sunghoon also had to deal with the expectations placed on him as a prodigy. Most of all, his own expectations for himself were what kept him down.


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