What is Google Bard AI? When can I access it? Compare with Chat GPT

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Google Bard AI chatbot is powered by Google own language system “LaMDA” that can offer answer to many queries in a conversation way. Google Bard can give more accurate answer also Google says that Bard will be equipped with a combination of the power, intelligent creativity of large large language models. Not only that this Bard is being developed in such a way that is tool will gain knowledge based on user feedback and information available on the internet.

Google says that Bard chatbot is beta version now. This time it is not available for all just few select user can allow to use. expected next month can be useable for all.


What is “LaMDA”?

“LaMDA”(Language model for dialogue application) is an open-source transformed-based language. “LaMDA” model developed by Google for the purpose of generating human like that un a conversational context. it has been trained on a diverse range of internet text and has the ability to generate text based on a summary of a given context and generate text that continues a given text. LaMDA can be used for various application such as chatbot, virtual assistance and more.“LaMDA” launched by Google in MAY 2021.However, a former employee alleged that it’s language model offered racist and sexist responses. The employee also alleged that “LaMDA” is “sentient”.

-:Google LaMDA:-

How to access Google Bard?

Currently, Google Bard is not available for testing to the public. But selected users have access it.
Google is releasing a “lightweight model version of LaMDA,”
which required significantly less computing power. This will allow Google to receive more feedback. In a blog post ,Google says that it is opening Bard up to “trusted testers” ahead of making it more widely available to the public in the coming week.

What is Chat GPT?

ChatGPT(Generative pre-trained transformer)is a deep machine learning based on chatbot developed by “Open-AI” that gives almost accurate answer to the question you ask. Interestingly, ChatGPT relies on GPT-3 language model, which is built on transformer. Recently tech giant Microsoft acquire Chat GPT BY $10 BILLION for 49% stake in “Open-AI”. Also Microsoft announced 7feb2023 that “Chat GPT” will be merge with search engine “Bing”.

Google Bard AI
chat GPT

Google Bard VS Chat GPT Full Comparison details-

  1. Google Bard powered by LaMDA developed by Google own programe language. other hand ChatGPT is powered by GPT-3 Language model which is developed by “OpenAI” start-up.
    2.Google Bard announce date is 8 FEB 2023 8:30am EST announce by Google CEO SUNDAR PICHAI. other side ChatGPT Have launched 30 NOVEMBER 2022.
  2. Google Bard just have launched it’s BETA version API just for few selected user’s. Chat GPT have record, chatbot reported that just two month users are passed 100 million added and perday user added 13million in january according to Similarweb.
  3. Google Bard can give more accurate answer also Google says that Bard will equiped with a combination of the power, intelligence and creativity of the large language models. other side ChatGPT only answer questions based on pre-existing data.
    5.ChatGPT can provide content, answer based on 2021 years last data no update provide us and their are NO INTERNET connected. But Google Bard just announced that this Charbot provide us latest web high quality fresh content.
    6.ChatGPT has it own plagiarism detector AI text classified. but Google Bard have no plagiarism detector, just it is a beta version.
Open-AI vs Google Bard

Google Bard AI use cases

Google Bard LaMDA is a language generation AI model that can be used for simplify your daily life circle and fill your knowledge gap but not limited to:-
1.Text competition:- The AI model can be used complete a partially written text or sentence.
2.Accurate answer:– If you have any query just open chatbot and just ask your requirement question,this AI chatbot could be generate sophisticated and appropriate answer to your question.
3.Chatbot:- The model can be fine tuned to create conversation AI chatbot to create conversation AI chatbot’s for customer service and virtual assistant.
4.Question-Answering:- LaMDA can be trained to answer question based on a given context or information.
5.Translation:-The AI model can be used for machine translation of text from one language to other language.

  1. AI assistant:– The Google Bard AI chatbot assist your personal life such as- Dr. appointment ,office time, standard food for health etc.
  2. Social hub:-The chatbot can also be provide us as a social hub.It it suitable for conversation in both group or one on one setting.
  3. Text Generation:- LaMDA can be used to generate human like text for use in creative writing, content creation or other application.
    9.Summarize:-The AI model can be used to summarize long document’s or text into shorter version while retaining the most important information.
    These are some of the potential use cases for Bard LaMDA. The versatility and capability of the model make it valuable to for many industry and organization.
Source: Google
Why did Google Bard launch late?

Google has been working on it’s language model for a while ,but the company paused it’s public rollout after allegation from it’s employee.
Google CEO Sundar Pichai indicated during the latest earnings call that the world is ready for generative AI, following the positive reception toward Chat GPT.
He added ,”I feel comfortable with all the investments we have made in making sure we can developed AI responsibly and we’ll be careful.”

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