What are some weird facts about BTS Jimin

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BTS, also known as Bangtan Sonyeondan, is a South Korean boy band that has taken the world by storm with their music and performances. One of the members of BTS, Park Jimin, has a massive following and is known for his incredible singing and dancing abilities. However, there are some weird and interesting facts about Jimin that you may not know. In this article, we will explore some of the strangest facts about BTS Jimin.

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Jimin Full Profile Details

Stage Name: Jimin
Real Name: Park Ji Min
Birthday: October 13, 1995
Education: Global Cyber University
Training period: 2012 – 2013
Fandom: ARMY
Zodiac Sign: Libra
Height: 174 cm (5’8.5″)
Weight: 58.6 kg (129 lbs)
Blood Type: A
Active years: 2013-present
Language(s): English (Basic), Korean, Japanese, Mandarin
MBTI Type: ESTP (His previous result was ENFJ)
Representative Emoji: 🐣/🐥
Instagram: @j.m
Facebook: @btsJimne

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Who is BTS Jimin?

Park Jimin, better known as BTS Jimin, is a singer, dancer, and songwriter. He was born on October 13, 1995, in Busan, South Korea. Jimin became a trainee under Big Hit Entertainment in 2012 and made his debut with BTS in 2013. He is known for his powerful vocals, extraordinary dance moves, and charming personality.

BTS Jimin Childhood

Jimin grew up in a small town in Busan, South Korea. He was raised by his parents along with his younger brother. Jimin was a hard-working student and excelled in academics. He was also interested in sports and was a talented athlete. Jimin’s love for dance start when he was in high school, and he started taking dance classes. He was so passionate about dancing that he decided to follow it as a career.

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BTS Jimin Unique Habits

Jimin has some unique habits that make him stand out. He has a habit of touching his hair when he is nervous or excited. He also has a habit of biting his nails when he is deep in thought. Jimin is known for his love of clean, neat spaces and is often seen clean up the BTS Bedroom.

bts jimin

BTS Jimin Tattoos

Jimin has several tattoos on his body, and each tattoo has a unique meaning. He has a “Nevermind” tattoo on his rib cage, which is a tribute to a song by the same name that he wrote during a difficult time in his life. He also has a “13” tattoo on his wrist, which is his birthdate. Jimin’s tattoos are a form of self-expression and a way to connect with his fans. Latest, Jimin have “7” tattoo on his left hand finger, which is tribute to his BTS members, All BTS members are design on their body part’s tattoo’s be indicate their love towards BTS seven member.

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BTS Jimin Nicknames

BTS Jimin has several nicknames, including Mochi, which means a sweet rice cake in Korean. He is also called ChimChim, Jiminie, and Park Jiminnie by his fans. Jimin’s nicknames reflect his cute and charming personality.

BTS Jimin Love for Animals

Jimin loves animals and has a variety of pets, including the dog Ddosun and the cat Kookoo. His fans enjoy viewing the images and videos he regularly posts of his pets on social media.

bts jimin

Jimin’s Passion for Cooking

Jimin is a great cook and loves to experiment with different recipes. He is known for his love of meat and often prepares barbeque dishes for his BTS bandmates. Jimin’s passion for cooking has inspired his fans to try out new recipes and share them on social media.

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BTS Jimin’s Weird Talent

Jimin is not only an excellent singer and dancer but also owner of some unique talents that set him apart from the rest of the BTS members. Here are some of the most surprising ones:

  1. Jimin can flip his tongue upside down and move it side to side rapidly.
  2. He can imitate the sound of a water drop, a skill he learned from his grandmother.
  3. Jimin has a great sense of balance, and he can stand on one foot for an extended period.
    4. Jimin imitating his BTS member Jungkook snoring while he on sleep.

Jimin’s Interesting Habits

Jimin’s unique personality and habits make him stand out from the rest of the BTS members. Here are some of his interesting habits:

  1. Jimin has a habit of giggling and laughing rapidly, even at the smallest things.
  2. He is known for touching his own hair a lot during performances.
  3. Jimin has a habit of bouncing his leg when he is sitting, which he does automatically.

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Jimin’s Unexpected Fears

Jimin being a confident performer on stage, Jimin has some unexpected fears that might surprise you. Here are some of them:

  1. Jimin has a fear of heights, which he revealed during a V Live broadcast.
  2. He also has a fear of bugs, especially cockroaches, which he once confessed during an interview.
  3. Jimin has a fear of ghosts, and he has mentioned that he cannot watch horror movies alone.

Jimin’s Memorable Moments

Throughout his career, Jimin has had many memorable moments that fans still talk about today. Here are some of the most iconic ones:

  1. Jimin’s solo dance performance during the BTS Wings Tour, where he danced to “Lie,” is still take one of his best performances to date.
  2. During a performance at the Melon Music Awards in 2018, Jimin’s shirt came undone, revealing his abs, which caused a craze among fans on social media.
  3. Jimin’s emotional speech at the 2019 Mnet Asian Music Awards, where he talked about the struggles he faced while inspire his dreams, left fans in tears.

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BTS Jimin’s Love for His Fans

Jimin is known for his love and dedication towards his fans, also known as ARMY. He often expresses his love towards his fans and makes sure to interact with them whenever he can. Jimin has even been seen crying during BTS concerts due to the love and support he receives from his fans.

Jimin’s Relationship with Other BTS Members

Jimin has a close relationship with all the members of BTS, but he is especially close to fellow member V and JK. The three have been friends since their trainee days and are often seen hanging out together. Jimin has also stated in interviews that he is very close to all the BTS members and considers them his family.

Jimin’s Musical Inspiration

Jimin’s musical inspiration comes from a variety of sources, including legendary performers such as Michael Jackson and Rain. He also draws inspiration from his own experiences and emotions, which he channels into his music.


Jimin’s Favorite Color

Jimin’s favorite color is light blue. He has often stated in interviews and social media posts that he finds the color calming and soothing.

Jimin’s Fashion Sense

Jimin is known for his unique fashion sense and often experiments with different styles. He has even been referred to as the “Fashion King” by his fans. Jimin’s fashion choices often reflect his personality and he is not afraid to take risks when it comes to his wardrobe. He is also selected fashion iconic French Luxury Brand “DIOR” as a Global Brand Ambassador on January16, 2023.


Jimin’s Favorite Food

Jimin’s favorite food is Kimchi Jjigae and pork belly. He has often expressed his love for the dish and even learned how to cook it himself.

Jimin’s Impact on BTS

Jimin’s contributions to BTS go beyond his impressive performances and talents. Here are some of the ways he has influenced the band:

  1. Jimin is known for his excellent teamwork skills and his ability to bring the members together during difficult times.
  2. His dedication to his craft and his relentless work ethic have inspired the other members of BTS to work harder.
  3. Jimin’s unique personality and charm have helped BTS connect with their fans on a deeper level.
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What is Jimin’s role in BTS?

Jimin is a singer, dancer, and songwriter in BTS.

What is Jimin’s real name?

Jimin’s real name is Park Ji-min.

What are some of Jimin’s unique talents?

Jimin can flip his tongue upside down, imitate the sound of a water drop, and has a great sense of balance.

Does Jimin have any fears?

Jimin has a fear of heights, bugs, and ghosts.


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BTS Jimin is a fascinating person with many unique qualities, from his special talents to his odd habits and unexpected concerns. Jimin has established himself as a beloved member of the group because to his contributions to BTS and his great performances, and his fans are still attracted by his charm and skill. We hope that this article has informed you on some of the strange and fascinating facts about Jimin and increased your respect for this brilliant artist.
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