“Is sakura lesserafim a lead dancer material”?

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Today we are talk about lesserafim group member Miyawaki Sakura full profile details, career, fun facts, about lesserafim group all members details and their latest songs etc. also discuss about lesserafim group formation.  sakura lesserafim is former member of korean girl group IZ*ONE. she is from Japanese idol.

“Is Sakura Lesserafim a lead dancer material”?


I’m thinking that sakura lesserafim is a very good dancer and he deserve that main visual dance position. it is shown that her fancam view and her popularity based he will be one of the main candidate who have position lead dancer.so i would say that she is good lead dancer. she also experience girl group former member from IZ*ONE thats why we are surely talk about she can can do lead dancer.

Is Miyawaki Sakura overshadowed by other members from lesserafim?

Miyawaki sakura is the most biased and most popular lesserafim member Interms of Fancam view and popularity ranking. She was most completed member. Sakura Miyawaki popularity vote 42774 based on K-profile highest in this group no. one rank holder. so its a very baseless fact that she has overshadow by their member.

Sakura full profile-

Stage nameSakura 

 Real nameMiyawaki Sakura

Date of birthMarch 19, 1998

Zodiac Sign:- Pisces

Height:- 163 cm (5’4”)

Weight: 46 kg (101 lbs) 

       Blood Type:- A

MBTI Type:- INF HKT48 Generation first

Hobbies:- Movies, listening to musicals, reading

   Favorite food:- Pickled plums (umeboshi). She always eats the plum put on top of                                                                                                                                                            the rice in bentos.

 Favorite drink:- Green tea latte. 

Special skills: Drawing, being able to sleep anywhere. 

Fun fact about Miyawaki Sakura

1. She is a native of Kagoshima City, Japan. Her younger brother exists.
2. Former IZ*ONE member Sakura Miyawaki.
3. Chaewon, wonyoung, and other former Miyawaki Sakura IZ*ONE members.
4. On October 29, 2018, IZ*ONE’s first mini album “COLOR*IZ” marked her professional debut.
5. Sakura was accepted into the group after finishing in second place with 316,105 votes on the popular survival show Produce48.
6. School: Shigakukan Middle School (a private school in Kisarazu, Japan).
She listened to opera with her mother, which inspired her to pursue a career in singing.
7. She experienced her parents’ divorce at the age of just one year. Her stepfather and mother raised her. Sakura revealed that her step-father is a medical professional.
8. Sakura has never seen her biological father in person or in photographs. Sakura is certain that the man who approached her during her very first handshake event to tell her he supported her was her father. Since then, she has not seen him.
9. She didn’t participate in any clubs in middle or high school.
She performed DREAMS COME TRUE’s “LOVE LOVE LOVE” during her HKT48 audition.
10. She has a gift for writing and is renowned for effectively expressing her ideas. She claimed on Google+ that she likes to tell stories and that it can sometimes take her an hour to write a post.
11. She enjoys reading mysteries books.
She enjoys playing games and has a YouTube gaming channel. Fans of IZONE gave her a PlayStation.
12. On April 29, 2021, IZ*ONE’s two years and six month contract came to an end, and they split up.
13. Sakura announced on May 15, 2021 that she would leave HKT48 after IZ*ONE split up in April of that year, and on June 1, she held a graduation concert.
14. Sakura and Kim Chaewon, both former members of IZ*ONE, signed exclusive contracts with Source Music on March 14, 2022. They will make their LE SSERAFIM debut in May.
15. With their first mini album, “Fearless,” released on May 2, 2022, Sakura made her LE SSERAFIM debut.
16. Harry Potter is Sakura’s Favourite foreign film.
17. Tangerine, American cherry, melon, and strawberry are Sakura’s Favourite fruits.
18. Four o’clock in the evening is Sakura’s preferred time of day.
19.Sakura unwinds by listening to music. Sakura unwinds by taking in game sounds.
20.Sakura enjoys eating Oyakodon and kimchi jjigae.
21. Because Sakura didn’t receive any of her own cards, she traded cards with Nako and received BLOOM*IZ albums. she is aware of Wizone’s current feelings.
22. She prefers Rosé and BLACKPINK. Sakura favours Sullyoon in NMIXX.Yeji is Sakura’s ITZY bias.Nicole has Nicole’s bias in KARA. Karina is her bias in Spanish. She likes Red Velvet, and Irene is her favourite character. Haerin resides in NewJeans. Her bias in     (G)I-DLE is Minnie.                                           23. Contrary to expectations, she was chosen to centre an A-side for AKB48 before centering one for HKT48.
24. She was the lone HKT48 member to place in the fourth Senbatsu Selection.
25. On December 8, 2021, Sakura debuted CRAN BY MOLAK, her own line of cosmetics.
26. In the winter of 2021, she launched her own cosmetics line, CRAN BY MOLAK. It offered lipstick and lip tint and was developed in association with the Japanese Colour contact lens company Molak. On November 30, 2022, CRAN BY MOLAK went out of business.

Ranking Le Sserafim member in different categories

VOCAL:- 1.Yunjin 2.Chaewon 3.Eunchae 4.Kazuha 5.Sakura

RAP:- 1.Kazuha 2.Yunjin 3. Sakura 4.Eunchae 5.Chaewon

DANCE:- 1.Kazuha 2.Chaewon 3.Yunjin 4.Sakura 5.Eunchae

VISUAL:- 1.Sakura 2.Yunjin 3.Kazuha 4.Eunchae 5.Chaewon

POPULARITY:- 1.Sakura 2.Chaewon 3.Yunjin 4.Kazuha 5.Eunchae


1.what company is lesserafim under?

Lesserafim, a new girl group that will make its debut under one of HYBE Labels’ affiliates, Source Music, will be led by Bang Si-hyuk, the founder of HYBE.

2. when did lesserafim debut?

The five members of LE SSERAFIM, a South Korean-Japanese girl group signed to Source Music, are Sakura, Kim Chaewon, Huh Yunjin, Kazuha, and Hong Eunchae. The group made its debut on May 2, 2022, with their first mini album, FEARLESS, as a six-piece.

3.what happened to garam lesserafim?

Source Music issued their first statement denying Kim Garam’s claims of bullying before LE SSERAFIM’s debut in early April, and she started her brief hiatus in May. It was formally announced in July that Kim Garam was leaving LE SSERAFIM and that her contract with HYBE had expired.

4. what does lesserafim mean?

Even their group name conjures up both power and tenderness. Huh Yunjin, a 21-year-old Korean-American who was raised in the United States, explains that their team’s name is an anagram. The phrase “I’m fearless” becomes “Le Sserafim” if the letters are rearranged.

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