How to Use ChatGPT4 for Free without ChatGPT Plus

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ChatGPT4 is a language model powered by AI that performs at producing human-like responses to a variety of subjects. The cost of the ChatGPT Plus subscription might be a several to access for many people, given that ChatGPT4 is clearly a fantastic tool to have in your toolkit. Happily, there are approaches to use ChatGPT4 without having to pay for the ChatGPT Plus subscription.
In this article we will be discuss about, what is ChatGPT4, how to use ChatGPT4 for free without ChatGPT plus subscription, what is ChatGPT plus subscription details.


What is ChatGPT4?

An AI-powered language model called ChatGPT4 can produce human-like responses to a variety of questions. The model was trained using a large sample of text data and is based on the GPT-3 design. Because of its significant training, ChatGPT4 is able to produce highly accurate and useful solutions to a variety of topics.

Features of ChatGPT4

ChatGPT4 Comes with several features that makes it’s most powerful AI-Language model. Some of these features included:
1. Multi-Language Support
2. Text Summarization
3. Translation
4. Sentiment Analysis

5. Content Creation

The Benefits of Using ChatGPT4

There are several benefits to using ChatGPT4, even if you don’t have the ChatGPT Plus subscription. Some of these benefits include:

1. Access to an AI-powered language model

Most of the ChatGPT4 Using benefits is that they provide us AI-Powered Language  model based that can be generate highly accurate and contextual appropriate response of wide range of queries based on his data on available on internet.

2. Increased Productivity

The ability to boost productivity is another advantage of ChatGPT4. You can automate a lot of things that would otherwise take a lot of time and effort because the platform can create human-like responses.

3. Improved Content Quality

Your content’s quality can also be increased by using ChatGPT4. You may use the platform to create high-quality material that is relevant to your target audience because it can create context appropriate responses.

How accurate are the responses from ChatGPT4?

The accuracy of ChatGPT4’s responses can vary depending on the query and the context. However, overall, ChatGPT4’s responses are highly accurate and can generate human-like responses.


How to Use ChatGPT4 for Free without ChatGPT Plus?

There are several ways to use ChatGPT4 for free without having to pay for ChatGPT Plus. Here are three options:

Option 1: Use GPT-3 Playground

GPT-3 Playground is a web-based platform that allows you to interact with GPT-3, including ChatGPT4, for free. Here’s how to get started:

  1. Go to the GPT-3 Playground website.
  2. Sign up for an account (it’s free!).
  3. Once you’re signed in, select “Chat” from the menu on the left-hand side.
  4. Type in your query and wait for ChatGPT4 to generate a response.
  5. If you’re happy with the response, you can copy and paste it into your own document or application.

Option 2: Use ChatGPT 4 for Free on Hugging Face

A ChatGPT 4 chatbot on HuggingFace was created by Yuvraj Sharma and is available for usage without cost. The best thing is that your own OpenAI API key is not even required. HuggingFace gives its community access to the GPT-4 API so that members can explore the model.
I have briefly explain you how to access ChatGPT Hugging Face Here we go below the steps:-

1. Firstly, click here for visit your Hugging Face for free.


2. Now type your enquiry into the box provided and click “Run.” The ChatGPT 4 model will reply to you, and that is all there is to it. That’s how simple it is to test out GPT-4 without having to pay for ChatGPT Plus Subscription.


3. You can clone the data base and use your own OpenAI API if the response time is longer. The service will no longer be free, however, as using the API will need buying credits. In view of this, select “Duplicate Space” to continue.


4. After that, change the Visibility to “Public” and then click on “Duplicate Space”.


5.  Next, move to the “Settings” page.

6.  Scroll down and look for “Repository secrets” here. Now, click on “New secret“.

7. Here, add OPENAI_API_KEY in the “Name” field and your OpenAI API key in “Secret value”. You can get your OpenAI API key from the link here.


8. Now, simply click on “App” in the top row.

Source- Beebom

9.  Finally, your GPT-4 chatbot will be ready to use without any delay in response.


Option 3: Use ChatGPT 4 for Free on Bing Microsoft

In addition to HuggingFace, Microsoft Bing Talk also offers a taste of GPT-4. Microsoft confirmed that their Bing AI is already using the GPT-4 model shortly after the release of the GPT-4 model (codename: Prometheus). In fact that, Bing AI offers some extra features that ChatGPT 4 missing.

1. All user who use this process firstly open your Microsoft Edge, then open (Link) and click on “Chat” in the top-left corner.


2. If you are using other browsers, you first need to install this extension: Bing Chat for All Browsers(Install). This will allow you to use Bing AI Chat on any web browser.

3. Now, you can go ahead and interact with the GPT-4 powered Bing Chat.

Limitations of Using ChatGPT4 without ChatGPT Plus

Although using this ChatGPT4 for free can be a great way to gain access to an AI-powered language model, it’s important to be aware that using the platform without a ChatGPT Plus subscription has some limits. These limits include, among others:

1. Limited API Requests

The free plan’s API request limit is 5,000 per month if you’re using OpenAI’s API to access ChatGPT4. For some users, this might be sufficient, but for those who need to create large amounts of text, it might not be.

2. Less Accurate Results

You might get less accuracy when using community models since they might not be as exact as the official ChatGPT4 model. For customers who demand highly exact results, this can be a serious matter.

3. Limited Customization

Without a ChatGPT Plus subscription, you’ll only have a few limited customization choices when using ChatGPT4. Those who want major customization for their special needs may find this to be a serious problem.

How Can ChatGPT 4 Help Your Business?

ChatGPT 4 has a wide range of applications, including:

1. Customer support:

Handling customer support interactions using ChatGPT 4 is possible for tasks like responding to frequently requested topics or offering simple troubleshooting advice.

2. Content creation:

ChatGPT 4 can generate high-quality content on a wide range of topics, making it a valuable tool for content creators and marketers.

3. Language translation:

ChatGPT 4 can be trained to translate text between different languages, making it useful for businesses operating in multiple countries.

4. Personalization:

ChatGPT 4 can be fine-tuned to generate responses that are specific to your business, making it a powerful tool for personalizing customer interactions.


Are there any limitations to using ChatGPT4 for free?

Yes, there are some limitations to using ChatGPT4 for free. For example, the free versions of ChatGPT4 may have limited capabilities or may not have access to all of the features of the premium version, ChatGPT Plus.


Is ChatGPT4 free to use?

ChatGPT4 is a premium service, but there are several ways to use it for free. You can leverage the OpenAI API, Hugging Face, GPT-3 Playground, pre-trained models, and other tools to generate text without spending money.

What are the features of ChatGPT4?

ChatGPT4 comes with several features such as multi-language support, text summarization, translation, sentiment analysis, content creation, and more.

How does ChatGPT4 work?

ChatGPT4 uses a technique called “unsupervised learning” to analyze and learn from vast amounts of text data. It can generate human-like text by identifying patterns in the data.

What is the OpenAI API?

The OpenAI API is a platform that allows developers to integrate ChatGPT4 into their applications. OpenAI offers a free tier that allows developers to generate up to 5 million tokens per month.

What is Hugging Face?

Hugging Face is a platform for working with natural language processing models, including ChatGPT4. They offer a free-to-use API that allows users to generate text using ChatGPT4.


ChatGPT4 is a powerful language model that may be used to a number of activities, including translating and creating content. There are a few methods to use ChatGPT4 for free, even the fact that ChatGPT Plus’s premium features aren’t free. You can produce excellent writing without paying a money by using the Hugging Face, GPT-3 Playground, Colaboratory, OpenAI API, and other applications.

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