Haewon NMIXX is one of the most talented idols in 4th generation

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Today’s K-POP Industry was biggest in the world and every time this industry grove many country in their idol visual, music, mainly lyrics. K-pop history 4th generation most popular group NMIXX and their most popular idol Haewon NMIXX. Today’s article we are dive in about NMIXX Haewon career, Unique vocal, popularity, Background, Achievements,  stage present and many more. We are also discussed about NMIXX group member’s few details.

Haewon NMIXX

Who is Haewon NMIXX?

Haewon is a member of the K-Pop girl group NMIXX, which debuted in 2019. She was born on January 28, 2002, in South Korea, and she is 21 years old. Haewon always be passionate for music that’s why she continue her music journey at middle school. She also passionate about her dance skills. Haewon joined the agency JPlanet Entertainment in 2018, where she trained for a year before debuting with NMIXX.

Haewon Full Background

Stage Name: Haewon
Birth Name: Oh Hae Won
Birthday: February 25, 2003
Education:- Nonhyeon High School
Zodiac Sign: Pisces
Chinese Zodiac Sign: Goat
Nationality: Korean
Height: 163 cm (5’3.5”)
Weight: – 67kg
Blood Type: O
MBTI Type: ISTP-T (Her previous result was ESTP)
Fandom:- NSWER

Haewon Background

Haewon was born on May 26, 2003, in Seoul, South Korea. Haewon have also musical background family so she has musical blood. Haewon father also be famous singer and her mother are famous pianist. Haewon have started her singing and dancing career in young age, she inspiring about her father and mother background and also K-POP culture surround her.
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Haewon Dance Skills

Haewon’s dance skills are just as impressive as her vocals. Her movements are fluid and graceful, yet sharp and precise when necessary. Her choreography is always on point, and she never fails to impress with her execution.

Haewon NMIXX’s Unique Vocal Abilities

Haewon vocal color was a 4th gen most unique and attractive in this K-POP Industry.  Haewon vocal was smooth, rich and unique emotional tone that convey power and uniqueness. She has a best vocal range, deep low tone to potential soaring high tone. She also be its fill all portion in her group foe her performance.

Haewon Songwriting Abilities

Haewon not just a vocalist or dancer, but also she write a Songwriter for their group NMIXX. Haewon also contribute her many lyrics in several NMIXX Songs, showcase her lyricist ability write most heartfelt and relatable lyrics. Her songwriting skill was praised by many K-POP industry big professional  and mostly all over worlds K-POP Fans.

haewon nmixx

Haewon NMIXX Captivating Stage Presence

Audiences are realise by Haewon’s dominating stage presence. Her performances are usually passionate and charismatic, and she emerge her confidence and charm. One of her most endearing traits is her capacity to connect with her admirers and give them a sense of being seen and heard.
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Haewon Career

Haewon joined in NMIXX as a rising idol in 2019, NMIXX as a main vocalist and dancer. NMIXX Debuted in K-POP industry on 2020 with their first single “Kiss and Make up”, which was gained popularity in worldwide K-POP Fans. Haewon powerful dance moves and vocal range in their songs are very catchy are noticeable in many K-POP Fans and gained popularity in domestic and international fans  recent years. Since then, NMIXX And Haewon gradually actively promoting their songs and releasing their multiple  hit songs such as “Drunk-Dazed” and “Fever”, “My Gosh”, “Cool”, “Dice”, “Young dumb stupid”  and many more. Haewon’s impressive stage presence and vocal range have been praised by fans and industry professionals alike.

Haewon NMIXX Collaborations

Haewon has worked with a number of well-known artists since the K-Pop business has recognised her skill. She worked on the song “Cutthroat” with rapper Jvcki Wai in 2021. The song was a huge hit, with listeners complimenting Jvcki Wai’s rap lines and Haewon’s voice.

Haewon NMIXX Individual Achievements

Haewon NMIXX’s achievements in the K-Pop industry are noticeable. In 2020, she was included in the Forbes Korea 30 under 30 list, which recognizes at very young age, talents who have made a significant impact in their respective fields. Haewon has also won several awards with NMIXX, including the “New Female Idol Group Award” at the 2019 Soribada Best K-Music Awards and the “Female Rookie of the Year” at the 2020 Brand of the Year Awards, also recently NMIXX win “Favorite New Artist” at the 2022 Mnet Asian Music Award.

Haewon NMIXX Impact on the Industry

Haewon talent and hard work not only earn many fans love, but also be very respect with her other peer K-POP Industry college.  She has been recognized for her exceptional skills, winning several awards and nominations. Haewon in an example for those who are become K-POP Idol and proof that hard work, determination can be lead to success in this competitive K-POP Industry.

Haewon NMIXX’s Future

Haewon has a promising future in the K-Pop industry. She is certain to continue making waves in the profession thanks to her great talent and commitment. Future releases from NMIXX are greatly anticipated by the public, and Haewon’s next solo project has sparked a lot of interest.
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Why Haewon NMIXX Stands Out

Haewon NMIXX is a most stand out was most talented idol in 4th generation  K-POP Industry for her vocal ability, dancing, lyricist, visual. Her ability to convey her emotion with her vocal ability, most of that his attractive visual, and her stage present with his dancing skill, those reason capture many fans attract all over world. Other than, her role as a brand ambassador for Peripera highlights her influence and impact on the K-beauty industry.

NMIXX Group Achievements

Haewon and NMIXX have already achieved significant success in the K-pop industry, despite being a new group. They have won several awards and nominations, including the “Rookie of the Year” award at the 2020 Mnet Asian Music Awards and also  “Favorite New Artist” at the 2022 Mnet Asian Music Award. Their hit songs such as “Drunk-Dazed” and “Fever” “O.O”, “DICE” many more  have gained popularity among K-pop fans, and their music videos have Sore millions of views on YouTube.
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NMIXX Member’s Ranking Different Category wise(my opinion/fan vote)

SL NO.HeightVocalRapDanceStage PresentPopularityVisual
2.Sullyoon(1.69m)Haewon KyujinJinniHaewonJinniJinni


What is Haewon’s position in NMIXX?

Haewon is the lead vocalist and lead dancer of NMIXX.

Has Haewon won any awards?

Yes, Haewon has won several awards and nominations for her talent and hard work in the K-Pop industry.

What sets Haewon apart from other idols?

Haewon’s unique voice and exceptional dance skills, combined with her natural charisma and stage presence, make her stand out from other idols.

What can we expect from Haewon in the future?

Fans can expect more exceptional performances and releases from Haewon, both as a member of NMIXX and in her upcoming solo project.

Haewon age?

February 25, 2003, she is now 20year old age.


In conclusion, Haewon NMIXX is one of the most talented idols in the fourth generation of K-pop. Her unique vocal color, impressive dance skills, and songwriting abilities have earned her a loyal fanbase and critical acclaim. Haewon’s achievements with NMIXX, despite their short career, demonstrate her potential to become one of the most influential figures in the K-pop industry.
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