“BABYMONSTER” The Next YG Girl Group Following BLACKPINK

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YG ENTERTAINMENT new announcement on 1st January 2023 about new girl group name BABY MONSTER also known as BAEMON end of 2022. YG first time announce his new girl group after seven year. YG Entertainment last girl group announce BLACKPINK (2016). Babymonster group is full of multitalented and multinational girl at present. This group have 3korean,2thai,2japanese member at present that’s why called them multinational group. “BABYMONSTER have 7 member are selected for this group. There are Haram, Ahyeon, Chiquita, Asa, Rora, Pharita, Ruka. Latest update from YG entertainment. have “BABYMONSTER” group last revealed member is Ruka on date 6feb 2023. BABYMONSTER start his official Youtube channel, Instagram, twitter, Facebook ,Tiktok etc.

source: YG Entertainment
1.RUKAKawai RukaMarch20,200220Dancer, RapperJapanese165cm
2.PharitaPharita ChaikongAugust 26,200517Vocalist, DancerThailand163cm
3.AsaEnami AsaNovember,200616Rapper, DancerJapanese162cm
4.AhyeonJung AhyeonApril 11,200715Vocalist, Dancer, RapperKorean166cm
5.HaramShin HaramOctober 17 200715Vocalist , DancerKorean168cm
6.RoraLee DainAugust 5, 200814Vocalist, DancerKorean161cm
7.ChiquitaRiracha PhondechaphiphatFebruary 17, 200913Vocalist, Dancer, MaknaeThai163cm


Below girl’s group full detail’s-

Who is Haram from girl group BABYMONSTER?

YG Entertainment have their first member revealed us girl name Haram on 12january.she has 15 year old South Korean girl. she as a trainee in YG Entertainment began in 2017. She performed in Black & white video. she singing Mario’s “Let me love you” in her own style. She shown her soulful voice along with piano tunes. Her wife range vocal is specially notable. agency also said that “the essence of a YG vocalist” through live performance.

Source: YG Entertainment

Who is Ahyeon from girl group BABYMONSTER?

Ahyeon is the second member they reveal. She also 15 year old. She sang “sway with me” by saweetie and galxara and she can express her energy and confident on top of the fast Dubstep beats. In the video she can show us her all-rounder, boasting explosive rap and singing skills. She’s only 15year old could be clearly seen that she was enjoying stage and her stage manners. Her own way based on a deep understanding and added her own taste with hip swags.

Source: YG Entertainment

Who is Chiqueta from girl group BABYMONSTER?

YG Entertainment unveiled baby monster Chiqueta as a 3rd member on 23 Jan. Chiqueta Performe JJ Lin’s “Bedroom”(feat Anne-Marie) with her own style. Chiqueta presented her ability to express her emotions, despite being youngest among the member’s. The cover chip of Chiqueta from Thailand spread very quick online after video release on social Media. she presented her skill and many praised her for being an all-rounder.

Source: YG Entertainment

Who is Asa from girl group BABYMONSTER?

YG Entertainment unveiled their 4th member Asa on 25th January. she was 16 year old. she is first Japanese member revealed by YG Ent. During 1.30 min latest video as a perform Joyner Lucas’s “Look alive”(remix). Asa vibes beat freely and shown explosive rapping skills and her unique voice. Asa introduce to the public through baby monster latest dance video. Asa sing uniquely deep and powerful voice.

Source: YG Entertainment

Who is Rora from girl group BABYMONSTER?

Rora member of BABYMONSTER .she is revealed us by YG Ent as a 5th member on 30feb. She sang Kiana Lede’s “forfeit”. She is 14 year old Korean girl. Rora immediately attention on her lovely visual. her low tone took over away the hearts of listener’s and she shocked the public with her trendy grooves. She kept a sweet smile while performing and show us how she relaxed while performing. she also show us how good in his dance skills which was revealed before. She was also part of local group called U.sso girl.

Source: YG Entertainment

Who is pharita from girl group BABYMONSTER?

Pharita member of baby monster revealed by YG Entertainment as a 6th member on 1february. Pharita sang Sam fisher and Demi Lovato’s “what other people say” with her own emotional exposition. Pharita voice was not only clean but also mysterious. Pharita was born in Thailand and she is 17year old. she present unique singing tone and deep low voice and she can hot high note easily. she good with not only Thailand also english. she also studied Korean for couple year.

Source: YG Entertainment

Who is Ruka from girl group BABYMONSTER?

In the live performance chip Ruka performed P.Lo’s’feel good (feet g-Eazy) and honey C’s GWola(feat kidink and maino).Ruka presented outstanding rapping skills with her middle to low tone voice. Then stole the attention with stage manners.
she showed how relaxed she was performing by going around the stage and waving her hand.Her performance was full of hip-hop vibes and swag. Ruka who has been a YG trainee for the longest period of the time among the members of 5year,showed unrivaled presence as a female Rapper. Not only is she fluent in Japanese also she is great with Korean and she can do her own rap making in Korean.

Source: YG Entertainment

The group is called BABYMONSTER, or BAEMON

YG Entertainment. team up seven-member girl group is name BAEMON, also call them short form is Baby Monster.“ baby with the genes of YG” said by producer yang hung-Suk in latest Youtube video. BLACKPINK’s Lisa also added that , “All seven members go well with each other,” while Jennie said, ”They’re really good overall.” both have praise baby monster in latest Youtube video. Also seen that HOONY,YOON from WINNER member and Lee Su-Hyun and Chan-hyuk from AKMU’s member’s also admire, and mention that they are “really good at facial expressions and gestures that can steal people’s attention.”

Expectations from the “BABYMONSTER” group

YG Ent. is one of the most high profile and most successful agency in south Korea. YG Ent. also manage world biggest K-pop group like BLACKPINK,BIGBANG,WINNER,TREASURER maintain under it’s Lable YG ENT. also known for that introducing most talented star to the world.
Fans are already cheering them and for their excellent vocal and confident dance performances. BABYMONSTER is a multi-national & multi-lingual girl group. Executive producer YANG HYUN-SUK Personaly manage them 3year & 6month and notified their debut himself. Their official YOUTUBE channel have surpassed 8,08,000 and their video also be accumulate 100million viewership archive.
Their vocal, Dance, Calmness, Visual Etc are brilliant at a such young age. It won’t be incorrect to tell that they are win our heart and blow our mind their Cuteness.

BABYMONSTER group debut date?

No confirmation yet from YG ENT but seven member girls group BABYMONSTER debut on 2023 it’s confirm from YG ENT.

Who is the youngest member from BABYMONSTER?

Chiqueta is a youngest member from BABYMONSTER. Her age was 13year old. He came from Thailand, she also Speek English & Korean.


This article from research and other source for better understand about BABYMONSTAR girl group.

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