30 Unknown Fun Fact About Kpop Group Seventeen!

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Let’s talk about 30 most underrated and fun fact about famous Kpop boy group band Seventeen. Here we go check that all of unknown fun fact:-

Here those fun fact:-

1. They have 13 members, which is why the group is called “Seventeen” as 13 members plus 4 (units) makes 17.

2. Seventeen group has 3 sub-units: Hip-hop, Vocal, and Performance.

3. The group has won numerous awards and recognition, including the Mnet Asian Music Award for Best Dance Performance Male Group.


4. They are known for their synchronized dances and strong live performances and visual.

5. Seventeen has released several studio albums and EPs, including “Love & Letter,” “Going Seventeen,” “An Ode,” and “Semicolon.”

6. The group is known for their energetic and positive personalities, as well as their dedication to their fans, known as Carats.


7. The group has collaborated with several international artists, including John Legend and Ty Dolla $ign.

8. Seventeen is known for their dynamic and diverse music, which incorporates elements of pop, R&B, hip-hop, and electronic dance music.

9.SEVENTEEN has been recognized for their music and performances on several international music charts and awards, including the Billboard World Digital Song Sales chart.

10. Seventeen has been praised for their fashion sense and style, with many fans following their fashion choices and trends.

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11. The group has been actively involved in charitable and social initiatives, including working with organizations to promote environmental awareness and support underprivileged children.

12. Seventeen has a strong and supportive relationship with their fans, and regularly interact with them through social media and fan events.

13. Seventeen has a strong and dedicated fanbase, who are known for their support and enthusiasm for the group.

14. The members of Seventeen have diverse musical backgrounds and interests, with some having trained in classical music and others in hip-hop.

15. Seventeen has achieved great success both in South Korea and internationally, and has become one of the most popular and influential K-pop groups in the world.


16. Seventeen has a distinct and recognizable image, with a bright and cheerful look that sets them apart from many other K-pop groups.

17. Seventeen has a strong and supportive fanbase, known as “Carats,” who are dedicated to supporting the group and their music.

18. The members of Seventeen have close relationships with each other and often refer to each other as “brothers.”

19. Seventeen is praised for their positive and inspiring lyrics, which often focus on themes of self-love and self-discovery.

20. Seventeen has a strong and dedicated work ethic, and consistently strives to improve and evolve their music and performances.

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21. Seventeen has received several awards and recognition for their work, including several awards for their music and dance performances.

22. The group has a strong and active presence on social media, regularly interacting with their fans and sharing updates and behind-the-scenes content.

23. The members of Seventeen are known for their close and supportive relationships with each other, and have been described as a “family” by many of the members.

24. SEVENTEEN has participated in multiple variety shows and reality programs, including “Going Seventeen” and “SEVENTEEN’s One Fine Day.”

25. The group has a very organized and structured approach to their music and performances, with each member having a specific role within the group.


26. SEVENTEEN debuted in 2015 under Pledis Entertainment.

27. They have received multiple awards and nominations, including the “World Performer” award at the 2020 Mnet Asian Music Awards.

28. SEVENTEEN has collaborated with artists such as Jeonghan, Wonwoo, and Mingyu, who debuted as a sub-unit called BOYS24.

29. The group has released several albums in Korean and Japanese, including “An Ode,” “You Made My Dawn,” and “Fallin’ Flower.”

30. The members have shown their individual interests, such as acting, composing, and hosting, through various activities and projects.


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Seventeen Member’s name and age details

Seventeen boy group member have 13 member their name & age below here-

  • Yoon Jeonghan-27 year(4 october 1995)
  • Kim Mingyu -25 year(6 April 1997)
  • Joshua Hong -26 year(17 July 1996)
  • Wonwoo – 26 year(17 July 1996)
  • The8 -25 year(7 November 1997)
  • S.Coups -27 year(8 August 1995)
  • Wen Junhui -26 year(10 June 1996)
  • DK -25Year(18February 1997)
  • Hoshi -26 Year(15 June 1996)
  • Woozi-26 year(22 November 1996)
  • Vernon-24year(18 February 1998)
  • Seungkwan-25year(16 January 1998)
  • Dino-23year(11 February 1999) Maknae

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